Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Jason Alba helps Austin Launch Pab Job Club

Wow! I know why Jason has gone from being unemployed 3 years ago, unable to find work, to building a successful company He knows how to relate to job seekers (he said he was on his lazy boy 10 hours a day with a laptop for 3 months, feeling demoralized), and he knows what it takes to turn the corner and become a career builder, not just a job seeker.

He made two very important points that every worker interested in building a career needs to understand:

1) You need multiple revenue streams
- no longer can we rely on one paycheck. Jobs will come and go, and we must establish multiple ways to make money to not end up in financial trouble.

2) You need to build your personal brand
- everyone - friends, family, co-workers needs to understand who you are. Why? When you are looking for new opportunities or building current ones - your network must know who you are, and only then will your network kick into high gear and work for you. If you say you are a Project Manager? does your spouse know what the heck that means...probably not. You need to have a brand, what makes you valuable to your network, so they can help you, and in turn you can help them.

Jason talked about Linkedin to use as a tool to create your personal brand (value add), not just making connections.

2 Great takeaway points made by Jason to build your personal brand:
* Use Linkedin to tell a story about how you can add value - not just a boring summary, tell stories
* Use Linkedin to ask questions and answer questions - show your knowledge to define you as an "expert" in your network

Thank you Jason and LPJC!


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