Saturday, May 2, 2009

Toastmasters - Rewarding for All - Edward Hearn motivates

Yesterday, I had the great opportunity to hear Edward Hearn motivate and inspire at the District 55 Toastmasters conference!

I joined Toastmasters at the beginning of the year obviously to learn how to get in front of others and speak and sell ideas with a concise message. Edward really helped me yesterday in understanding the underlying motivations I have.

Points he presented to motivate and inspire:

1) Dare to dream and dream big - the worst "fateful tragedy of man" is to never really lived life. You can be conditioned through time to not take chances, to not dream. You must realize your potential and not waste your potential

2) Capacity to change - one thing man can do that others animals in our world - can not - we can change - you can overcome challenges, you can make positive changes in your life. And we need to "live his making, not make a living".

3) Courage to make a commitment - Edward has walked with failure (i.e trying to pass the law bar exam), and he learned that the greatest time for growth is not when everything is going right, but when you are using your skills, talents, and abilities to overcome, grow, and succeed.

Edward has motivated me to continue growing in my speaking and leadership abilities through Toastmasters!!


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