Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Be a Change Master!

The speed of change in our careers and life in general is happening at an exponential rate. And with that change, we encounter problems, challenges, and issues.

  • What can we do to "control" the change that is spinning out of control?

I enjoyed attending a Austin Project Management Institute training day last month and had an opportunity hear Traci Duez introduce how Neuroscience and Axiology have provided a path for individuals to not only embrace change, but to understand how to "change your mind."

She provided the basic classes of values in neuro-axiology - Systemic, Extrinsic, Intrinsic - as a starting point to focus on where you can be a "change master". If you can take your level of thinking to the intrinsic level - personal, focus on great ideas, visions, and courage - that becomes the highest value habit to pursue. Most individuals try to manage change by changing circumstances, but if you understand and leverage neuro-axiology, the focus will be on changing oneself for exponential change.

Thanks Traci!

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