Friday, April 30, 2010

Be Empowered or Entrapped?

I attended a Project Management Institute chapter seminar in Austin this week. The event session was presented by Sheila Savar. Sheila brought a powerful action plan to the group on how to move from allowing life to control you to you controlling your life.

She boiled it down to two root emotions: Love and Fear

And as she went on to explain - each of us has a choice to make on which emotion we want to "feed". We feed it by our thoughts - which drive our behaviors - which drive our emotions. We become empowered or entrapped in our life by what we choose to focus on.

When we focus on: What I don't want - What I don't have - we generate fear based thoughts

When we focus on: What I want - What I have - we generate compassion-based thoughts

Start today in looking at your thoughts and understand that you have a choice to create positive thoughts to replace the negative ones!


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