Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Let's help our neighbors - Barn Building

Last week, I attended a session at RISE Austin titled "Building a Resilient Startup". It was presented by Kevin Koym, co-founder of Tech Ranch Austin. I heard from Kevin some of the basic key tenets to thriving as an entrepreneur such as passion, resilience, and bootstrapping. But there was one concept that Kevin continued to revisit during the session based on his own experience and studying others:

- anyone that is trying to create a business can not operate in isolation. As an entrepreneur, they must get connected with others and leverage each others strengths to help build successful ventures.

Yes, if we in America are going to continue to build a thriving economy, we all have to reach out to each other and help. As Kevin noted in his presentation, we are moving to a stage in our country very similar to prior generations where we can only rely on our neighbors to help in building our barns.

Check out Tech Ranch Austin's service - BarnBuilders - and make sure we all help each other in building our barns!


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