Monday, January 2, 2012

Be a volunteer in the new year

This past year many of us have faced job changes or are seeking new opportunities in our careers. One step you can take to open new doors in your career path is becoming a volunteer in one of your local professional organizations. I took the plunge at the beginning of last year to become the president of the local Austin Chapter of IIBA. As part of continuing to build my professional network, I took the step to devote time and effort in contributing to and leading an organization. The Austin IIBA Chapter has always been able to attract great speakers on subjects that business analysts can immediately apply to improve in their jobs - see list of prior events -

Not only was this group a great resource for me, but I also knew that individuals pursuing a business analyst career need to have a group where they can engage with others in understanding their dynamic role and how a business analysts can grow in their career path. The role of volunteering at the Austin IIBA Chapter has moved my focus from personal gain to one of understanding that being a volunteer is giving of your time to help others. It is the helping of others - helping them connect with others for new career opportunities, and helping them understand how to gain new knowledge to grow in their business analyst career.

Take the step this year, and decide to volunteer in your local organizations. It is by helping others, that you will find your path in moving forward in your career and finding future professional opportunities.

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