Saturday, October 31, 2009

Too busy to keep up with your network?

During my job search this year, I knew that I had to become better at building professional relationships and maintaining them going forward.

I am not a "natural networker" - it is very easy for me to get involved with my work and my family, and keeping up with others just does not happen.

- If you struggle to keep up with all your professional networking contacts
- If you find it difficult to effectively manage who to contact and when
- and (like me) if you don't have a "process" to keep you disciplined

then really consider using a web service like

I signed up for jibberjobber this summer after meeting Jason Alba, company founder, and being convinced by him and myself that when you are truly involved in networking, you have to have a system to help you.

In my case, once I ended my job search, I stopped using the tool, and then realized after 5 months, I was returning to my normal ways of just focusing on job and family - well - I am now convinced that everyone needs to be the CEO of Me Inc. - so check out or a similar website that can help you establish and maintain your professional network!

Thanks Jason!


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