Saturday, August 29, 2009

Opportunities come from people!

I had lunch with a friend of mine last week, and he was not getting traction on landing interviews. He had been focusing all his efforts on job boards, hoping that his resume would make it to the top of the pile. I told him that (most of the time) opportunities come from people! You can't sit in front of a computer and send resumes to company websites or job boards. You need to take the next step and meet people! Build relationships! Yes, it is true, that opportunities will come your way, if you begin to process of building your network. If you want to find your next great opportunity - start following and learning from these individuals through their books and blogs:

Keith Ferrarzzi - Never Eat Alone - read this book first!

Next start following Thom Singer - and read his book - Some Assembly Required

Then check out - Steve Harper - The Ripple Effect - book and blog

Finally - if you are in Austin - start following Scott Ingram and his blog on networking

These are all great resources to tap into to understand how to change your career and move forward in creating future opportunities!


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