Thursday, July 2, 2009

Change - kick it forward - Ron Mullen speaks about life

Part of job searching is connecting with groups and investigating potential paths - a great moment in my job search happened at the Institute of Management Accountants Austin Chapter in January. I was expecting to learn more about opportunities in the financial accounting space, but to my surprise I was given a life lessons learned story!

Ron Mullen, former mayor in Austin, presented to the group. The first thing he said was get out a notepad and start writing down what I tell you. Below are my bullet points from his presentation:

- Your success could be leaning against the wrong wall
- Listen more and most important communicate with the ones you love
- Money is a poor measurement of success
- Patience is the currency of love
- Question your paradigm
- Challenge yourself
- Beware of the halo effect
- Keep humble
- Attend funerals
- Reach out to others and communicate your goals and passions
- Goals - work for the why, not the how - how works for the why - the why is passion
- Replace one bad habit with a good one
- We all have self imposed barriers
- Change - kick it forward
- Join Toastmasters! - if you can't get in front of others to speak, you can't lead!
- Because of my failures, I am a success!
- We all can do something great no matter what stage in life!

Thanks Ron for sharing your life lessons and impacting me to "kick it forward"!


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