Monday, March 2, 2009

Entrepreneurial Education in the 21st Century

I am attending a workshop presented by Acton MBA founder on March 3rd, 2009 - Jeff Sandefer. He sent me the following links to review - good info to review for entrepreneurship.

Spend some time perusing the following websites:

1. - No need to spend much time here. Just enough to get a sense of the place.

2. - at least watch the first few minutes of Lee Walker's video.

3. - at least watch the introductions to Roborush and Marty Raygun.

4. - at least check out the e-mail tool and read one of the notes.


1. - if you are interested in teaching.

2. Watch these two speeches, if you find them interesting:

The Entrepreneurial Hero's Journey –

Educational reform --

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