Friday, May 24, 2013

Cosmic Truth about the Business Analyst Journey

On Friday, 5/17/2013, the Austin IIBA Chapter had the great opportunity to hear a presentation from Karl Wiegers - "Cosmic Truths about Requirements".

As the president of the Austin IIBA Chapter, Karl's presentation brought me full circle to how I started down the path of a business analyst. In 2003-2004, I had been hired as a business analyst at a couple of software start-up companies. At the time, minimal direction was provided to me in terms of the role and responsibilities of "business analyst". The software companies knew there were challenges in determining customer needs and business objectives, and also being able to communicate that information back to the product software teams.

It was during my struggle to understand the role of business analyst, that I picked up Karl's book - Software Requirements 2. In chapter 4, I found my answers to my career direction as while as being able to define my role as a "Requirements Analyst". Karl's book became a source that I continued to revisit time and time again, especially when my assignments on software projects would deviate from being a "Requirements Analyst". I used Karl's book as my compass for guiding me forward on future career opportunities.

When the Austin IIBA Chapter was approached by Seilevel to sponsor Karl as a speaker, I knew this would be a great opportunity to help other BAs in our chapter understand the role of business analyst. The Austin IIBA Chapter had a full house of attendees for a presentation that provided all of us the "Cosmic Truths about Requirements". Karl helped me almost 10 years ago by sharing his insights through a great resource - Software Requirements 2, and I hope others that attended the meeting and are finding the same challenges I did at the beginning of my BA journey, will continue to use IIBA and thought leaders such as Karl Wiegers as resources to guide them in their business analysis profession.

Thank you Karl for visiting Austin!

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