Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Perfect Business Analyst: Lionel Logue

In July, I presented to the Austin PMI Chapter a presentation called - "The Certified Business Analyst: A PM's best friend". This was a great opportunity to promote the Austin IIBA Chapter, and also continue to further the understanding of why business analyst are a critical asset to project success. In order to level set the presentation on the expectations of "The Perfect Business Analyst", I presented the main character - Lionel Logue - from the movie "The King's Speech" as the perfect business analyst. Lionel's assigned project was to work with King George VI of England through a debilitating speech impediment which eventually allowed the King to inspire and unite his people in battle.

From the lens of a business analyst - what can we learn from Lionel Logue and consider using in your own BA career?

1) Lionel was successful in establishing trust and credibility with the King. From the beginning of the speech therapy sessions - Lionel openly requested equality, and took a step further by calling the King by his first name - "Bertie". As a business analyst, taking time at the beginning of a project to establish trust and building credibility through project work is key to success.

2) Lionel demonstrated results very early in the sessions which was instrumental when questions arose by the Church of England on his credentials and whether he was qualified to assist the King in preparing for speeches. Lionel was a commoner from Australia with no credentials as a speech therapist. He only could rely on proving value through his results. 

3) Lionel was able to recommend solutions by using tactical techniques, and also performing root cause analysis in order to move the King in a direction where the King could implement change and ultimately succeed at leading the people of England. As business analysts, we focus on what needs to be changed, but taking the next step to recommend solutions is where a good BA becomes a highly valued BA.

To be a PM's best friend, I recommend business analysts watch "The King's Speech" and learn from Lionel Logue on how he established trust, demonstrated results, and recommended solutions to achieve project success!

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